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These two hot snuggle-pups look twin-like but for the color of their hair. Clad in alike white slips and black high heels they expose their curvy bare rears posing ass-to-ass. Did those hotties know what impact they had on men? Well, they still can impress and arouse with their playful naughtiness.

Posted: 10:46, 2008-May-19
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Lesbian Joie De Vivre

mature hairy pussy

What horny lesbians are playing around here in the picture! One of them is a cornfed and that is the brunette who has grabbed the blonde’s sigh and is going to give her a real pleasure. Meanwhile the blond is waiting for a real bliss and she is all wet looking forward to their little adventure.

Posted: 04:00, 2008-May-3
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Real Lesbians Fun

vingage porn classics

You simply look at those bodies and wonder how playful girls may become, especially real lesbian girls. One of the girls is standing on a chair and the other one has kneeled to have a good suck. She was in such a hurry that she didn’t even take her bra off. But what does her friend care. The pleasure is no smaller because of that!

Posted: 03:58, 2008-May-2
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Bite It Off

vintage erotic pics

She can do that, oh yeah! You only have to press your teeth somewhat harder and that is going to be a little painful as you will bite that soft nipple. But what a pleasure it is and these two young lesbians are enjoying the nipple sucking. They look like two experienced nipple suckers. Today the brunette is pleasing a naughty blonde. Who knows whose turn to be pleased it will be tomorrow?

Posted: 03:07, 2008-May-1
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Letís Do It Quickly

retro nudes

This looks like a quick sex during a lunch break here. The women are spreading their legs as they like it a lot. One of them is a skinny one and the other is quite plump. But both of their pussies are wet and they are always ready to have a quick and terrific sex, especially if forbidden during their long, long work day.

Posted: 02:57, 2008-Apr-30
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Little Lesbians

beautiful vintage babes

Lick her tongue very hard, you, little lesbians! It is extremely sexy how they are fooling around. There is no need to take her shoes off, she is naked completely. The other one doesn’t think so. Lying there on the carpet these young lesbians give us a great deal of pleasure and a great deal of desire to join them.

Posted: 02:44, 2008-Apr-29
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Horny Girls

hairy mature vintage

A great fun to play around on the bed for these two young ladies. They are going to fulfill each other’s desires and this is a determination. One of them is looking shamelessly in the camera and is getting ready to please her feminine friend. These ladies really like their horny games and they deserve to be called some really horny girls.

Posted: 02:43, 2008-Apr-28
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Those Spoilt Girls

retro nude pin up photos

They are very bad girls and they are behaving this way. One of them is laughing hard while the other is licking her tits. She has white boobs with dark nipples and the pubescence in between her legs which can make horny any lesbian or any many in the world. A wonderful example of a pure passion.

Posted: 02:39, 2008-Apr-27
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Legs Wide Spread

vintage pictures pussy

A great shot picturing two wild lesbian girls hugging restlessly. This is a long and passionate kiss while touching each other’s breasts. One of the girls is only slightly touching the boob and the other one is squeezing it badly. Both of them have their legs wide spread…Don’t you have a wish to peep at these two? We do…

Posted: 02:23, 2008-Apr-26
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Those Lesbian Boobs

retro porno for free

These two are really turned up by the present moment. This boobs sucking is extremely exciting as the cute blond us putting her friend’s nipple in her juicy mouth and is licking and sucking it. The fabrics all around are nicely underlying their soft skin and the cuties look even more seductive.

Posted: 12:45, 2008-Apr-25
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retro cunts

This is the pure lust for life in this photo as we see two beautiful nude bodies holding each other both passionately and gently. The kiss is a real one and their naked boobs touch each other as the tongues are twisting together. The passion is driving them mad; we can only imagine what will happen next…

Posted: 12:43, 2008-Apr-24
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Lesbian Pussy Licking


retro nude galleries

That lesbian sex in front of the mirror is one of the most mischievous things ever! There are two beautiful bodies and both of them completely naked. One of the lasses has kneeled and we can see her little busy tongue licking the other lesbian’s pussy.

Posted: 10:10, 2008-Apr-23
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Blond Lesbians

vintage boobs


Those two ladies who are now all naked are having lots of fun capering there. One of the blonds is on the top and we can tell she is really horny as her friend has fumbled her little pussy and is tickling her. She can hardly stand on her feet and she is completely ready to be swept away by passion for good.

See more over at Vintage Lesbians.

Posted: 10:05, 2008-Apr-22
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Lesbian Boudoir

sexy pussy vintage

Take a peek into a lace draped boudoir where two classic bombshells are freaking out eager to get a taste of forbidden lesbian love. They’re both blonde, clad in tempting lingerie and hosiery and packing simply enormous jugs and tasty fuzzy muffs. Watch them at play in their sensual no-men kingdom.

Posted: 03:59, 2008-Apr-21
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Panties Off

vintage free porno

One of the most important moments is the moment of taking your panties off. And every girl knows that. These two ladies are restlessly petting each other while leaving their clothes next to them on the bed. We see how one lesbian girl is holding out her hands and how much passion there is in the gesture and we already know how nice she probably feels while been touched in her priviest parts.

Posted: 02:46, 2008-Apr-20
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Nipples Sucker

erotic lesbian nudes


This is a pleasure for those young lesbians to feel the thrill when letting their boobs out, and what a thrill it is to feel the gentle skin of a feminine nipple in your mouth, especially if you are a femme yourself. A great deal of uncovered flesh and the dark hair of the crotches makes it all even more exciting.


Posted: 11:41, 2008-Apr-19
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On Friendly Terms

old hairy pussy

These playful creatures are quite friendly, aren't they? The blond less is putting her hand on the girlfriend's crotch and the joyful smile on her face lets us know she is content. The brunette is swept away by the dissolute thoughts and is letting her friend satisfy her out.

Posted: 11:34, 2008-Apr-18
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The Erotic World. Lesbian scenes from decades past.

classic lesbian porn

Take the graceful, sensual world of classical ballet. Spice it with the outrageous appetites of a sex-crazed ballerina, and what you have is "The Erotic World of Angel Cash."

Posted: 11:53, 2008-Apr-17
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30's girls getting nasty on camera


First muff divers caught on camera

Posted: 06:05, 2008-Apr-16
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